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Sarah Elizabeth Foster

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"Sarah Elizabeth Foster is?"

The vibrant southern songbird smiles and replies, "Free."

And indeed she is. New York City is now home to Sarah Elizabeth Foster, a 5' 3" striking slice of authenticity. Of melody. Of music for music's sake.

Even in her youth in Houston, Texas, Sarah could spot the diamonds in the rough. Through endless ballet, piano, and singing lessons, love for artists like Dusty Springfield, Nancy Sinatra and The Supremes was slowly growing. What decade was she living in? Who cared?

Case in point: At 13, Sarah hears The Fugees', "Killing Me Softly" on the radio. Loves it. Wants to sing it at a school performance (where she's got the big solo). Finds out the song is a cover. Tracks down the original Roberta Flack version. Had to be that version. Sang it. Killed it.

This passion continues today in Sarah’s new record, Take Me For A Ride (February 22, 2011 [Studio Sarah Records]). Helmed by producer/kindred spirit Frans Mernick, 22, who’s inexperience might scare off other artists, but after a chance meeting at an industry event, Sarah found he understood her vision for Take Me For A Ride. Sarah reveals, “Frans asked if I wanted to update the classic sound I liked or make an album straight out of 1966. I thought we should bring our modern take to things, and suggested we incorporate electronic elements. Not knowing his passion for vintage synthesizers!” Best of both worlds? You bet.

The album starts off with "Go Home Alone," a pulsing, retro-modern tune meant to be “Part 2” of the Supremes’, “You Keep Me Hangin’ On.” With an unforgettable melody, Sarah's passionate vocals explain how she’s been kept hanging on for way too long. This time she’ll be going home…alone. Sarah then reveals every “good girl’s” desire to go wild in the driven, fast paced, “Take Me For A Ride,” the album’s title track. From here Sarah Elizabeth Foster takes you for a ride, from fantasy back to reality, and then ending with hope in, “Little Love Affair.”

Sarah’s word for herself is free. But a gal with three names deserves three words.

Sarah Elizabeth Foster.

Melodic. Romantic. Fantastic.

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