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With roots directly planted in the original bohemian Greenwich Village, NYC’s Outernational has assembled an arsenal of blistering rock and roll, defiant lyrics and an infectious sense of rhythm that is reminiscent of both The Clash and Rage Against The Machine. In fact, Tom Morello of RATM thought so much of the band that he produced 16 superb tracks with Outernational, six of which have been released on their EP Eyes on Fire. College radio has had a field day with the new EP, keeping the record in the top 100 of CMJ for many weeks. This should not be a surprise to anyone keeping tabs on Outernational, as their defiant spirit of liberation and their relentless drive to infuse that spirit in a new generation is present in every song, as if each were a precious anthem for a whole other way the world could be, and a whole other way the people could relate to each other.

In addition to the band’s genre-bending rendering of rock and roll on record, their live performance is truly a face melting, foot stomping, fist pumping roller coaster. Guitarist Leo Mintek and bassist Jesse Williams complete the front line of the band, dancing and singing while providing the engine of the band's "Future Rock" sound. Dr. Blum, a singular personality on and off the stage serves as the band's one-man orchestra section, with duties including trumpet, organ, harmonium, accordion, tin-whistle and singing. Then there’s Miles Solay: militant revolutionary politics unleashed and a romantic fervor with his heart on his sleeve. You can’t help but want to follow this band down the path of revolution rock and into a future where music is boxed-in no more; a world of people working in common for the common good.

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“Channelling the radical stance and the disregard for stylistic parameters that were a hallmark of the Clash, New York City’s Outernational is hellbent on restoring righteous indignation to rock and roll through a propulsive, ska-inflected attack.”
- The New Yorker

“These boys are the next big thing... They are an incredible mix of hard-rock, hip-hop, and world music. They mix politics and dance music in the best way, much like The Clash did.”
- BBC Radio

“Coupled with dynamic rhythms that somehow flow together like streams of water, their ripped-from-the-headlines lyrics of liberation struggle had the audience literally—at least in the case of one wild fan in a Mexican wrestling mask—hanging from the rafters.”
- The Village Voice

“A world-music Rage Against The Machine. Outernational uncompromisingly tells the truth, and they paint a picture of the world the way they see it and a way that we don't hear on the radio and television as much as people need to.”
- Tom Morello



February 24, 2010 (New York, NY)
Outernational’s new EP, “Eyes on Fire,” produced by Rage Against The Machine's Tom Morello, has just been released. Morello is also featured on vocals and guitar on the EP’s “Fighting Song.” The EP precedes a national tour commencing on February 11th in Philadelphia and followed by a full-length album this Spring, also produced by Morello.

Coming straight out of New York City, and in a context of growing despair, alienation, and yearning, Outernational is making revolutionary art in this moment and ushering in a new spirit of defiance and liberation among the youth and in Rock. In December, on the eve of Obama’s announcement of his escalation of the war in Afghanistan, Outernational responded with a sharp and provocative music video for their track “Sir No Sir.”

Speaking to the reality that confronts those who will fight Obama’s war, lead singer Miles Solay sings:


Your planet’s burning war and torture’s madness
Bodies burning, whole countries torn to bits
First you’re cannonfodder, now you’re accomplices
I can see the scars from your arms to your conscience


“Channeling the radical stance and the disregard for stylistic parameters that were a hallmark of the Clash, New York City’s Outernational is hell-bent on restoring righteous indignation to rock and roll through a propulsive, ska-inflected attack. The group is currently performing material from its new EP, “Eyes on Fire,” which was produced by Tom Morello, the similarly inclined string-bender from Rage Against the Machine.”

The New Yorker - December 7, 2009