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Mark Bacino

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On "Queens English"

I suppose subconsciously I began writing “Queens English” as I slid the keys to my Manhattan apartment under my landlord’s door in October 2001. Late summer of that year found my wife and I putting a down payment on a modest, two-story townhouse out in Queens. Both of us had changed (as would NYC & the world in the coming months); with our twenties behind us and too many mid-week, late-night parties taking their toll, we decided to leave our beloved Manhattan with an eye toward starting a family and securing an affordable place we could call our own.

Growing up in Queens with an ever present desire to escape and follow my musical dreams in “the city”, I never thought I’d return. Now back in the hood, I felt oddly at home yet at the same time very much like a fish out of water. Both the transplanted interloper and the hard-core townie somehow wrapped into one. I also began to notice the gritty Queens of my youth now seemed a little smoother around the edges; still working-class but somewhat shinier. I started to wonder if I’d shifted, for better or worse, in much the same way as the gentrifying landscape.

In the years to follow, songs from “QE” began to emerge undoubtedly inspired by my surroundings; the collision of new and old New York serving as both backdrop and metaphor for the life-changing experiences my wife and I began to encounter in the birth of our son and our morphing personal perspectives. Songs informed by the trials of first-time parenthood, the passage of time and the trading of old dreams for new.

...All that said, it’s still just a pop rock record.

-Mark Bacino, NYC (Feb 2010)

Mark Bacino is an American singer/songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist born and raised in New York City. With two critically acclaimed, power-pop obsessed releases to his credit, 1998's "Pop Job" (Parasol) and 2003's "The Million Dollar Milkshake" (Parasol/Nippon Crown), Bacino returns to the fray with “Queens English”; a self-produced album he describes as “a melancholy love-letter to NYC & life in its outer-boroughs”. With its eclectic mixture of pop, rock, ragtime-y music hall and orchestral fare, “Queens English” seamlessly blends its palette of tack pianos, acoustic guitars, horns, strings and things into concise, two and a half minute blasts of hook-laden songcraft reminiscent of Nilsson, Newman, solo Macca and “Muswell Hillbillies”-era Kinks. With contributions from Lee Alexander (Norah Jones), Michael Leonhart (Steely Dan/Lenny Kravitz) and Morgan Taylor (Gustafer Yellowgold) amongst others and featuring the single 'Happy', "Queens English" is slated for retail release May 18, 2010 via the newly-formed DreamCrush label distributed nationally by Redeye.

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""Muffin In The Oven" is a terribly clever pop song; the sort of thing that should be a hit all over the western world, if the western world had any sense at all when it comes to popular music."
- Leicester Bangs

"Mark Bacino performing his CD, The Million Dollar Milkshake, with its marriage of T-Rex-meets-Raspberries sound. A very pure-pop for now people kinda effort."
- Village Voice

"Mark Bacino, whose tunes point both to mid-'60s singles bands and later three-minute stars like Elvis Costello..."
- TimeOut NY

"Bacino is a trad-pop wonderboy whose '60s-inspired tunes need to be heard..."
- TimeOut NY

"The music of New York-based singer/songwriter Mark Bacino is steeped in the sparkly, head-bobbing melodicism of classic mid-'60s pop. To date, he has yet to release a song that hit the three-minute mark..."
- RollingStone.com

"Two things spring to mind instantly here. First, this ain’t no conventional pop record that you might’ve expected after ‘98’s Pop Job and ‘03’s The Million Dollar Milkshake, and second, this one’s the best! After the 30 second intro, the title tune’s rootsy power-pop romp still doesn’t suggest too much of a change, but it’s with the following ‘Happy’ that things start to twist. It shares the same good time music-hall vibe as The Sopwith Camel’s ‘Hello Hello’, which gets revisited a few more times throughout the album, and in case that’s not non-conventional enough, there’s the moody jazz feel of ‘Bridge And Tunnel’ and ‘Blue Suit’. The one that should appeal the most to those looking for more pop job, is ‘Muffin In The Oven’ the perfect little soundtrack to summer, destined to rule the charts all over the globe ... if only given a proper chance. Be among the ones to make it happen."
- Goran Obradovic – Shindig! Magazine