Devious Planet

Premieres & Exclusives

07.14.21 The 40 Acre Mule Brown-eyed Handsome Man
07.14.21 Emily Duff Nicotine & Waiting
07.12.21 Seth Lee Jones You’re Going to Wreck My Life
07.12.21 Sam Barron Karaoke Queen
06.29.21 Emily Frembgen Changes
06.29.21 The HawtThorns Time to Move On
06.28.21 LMNOP Things

New Videos

Brown-eyed Handsome Man The 40 Acre Mule
Time To Move On The HawtThorns
Another Goodbye Emily Duff
The Playtime is Over Roger Chapman
I'm A Sinner Bette Smith
Done & Done Emily Duff
Taconic Sam Barron
Darkness in the Bar Pilgrim
99 Degrees Ericson Holt
Walkin' On Bourbon St Ericson Holt