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Dangerous Muse

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This fall Dangerous Muse is taking us back to school with a new EP produced by David Siskovic (Justin Timberlake/Gwen Stefani/Cut Copy) and Bloodshy & Avant (Brittany Spears/Madonna/Miike Snow). On Sept 6th at Bloomingdale's Soho, for Fashion's Night Out, the band will perform two live sets, at 7PM & 8:30PM, and will be joined onstage by Interscope/Blackround Records artist, Sandflower. Following each performance, Dangerous Muse will be giving away download cards for their new song, “I Cant Help It” ( "I Can't Help It" will be included in the October release of the bands 5-song EP, "Red." "Red" is 1 of 3 EP’s that will comprise the Dangerous Muse forthcoming album release.

The band took a short recording break to film a three-song concert performance scene for a foreign feature film, House of Boys, directed by Jean-Claude Schlim. Dangerous Muse was also a featured in the second annual H&M - Fashion Against Aids Summer campaign. An exclusive Dangerous Muse designed t-shirt was a part of H&M's international in-store collection with additional participation in filmed and photographed media to raise awareness and education in the prevention and spread of HIV/AIDS.

To date Dangerous Muse have released 2 EP’s and numerous videos(scroll down.) The band made a splash on the electro-pop scene with "The Rejection," their debut three-song digital EP, which entered at #2 on the iTunes Dance album chart and held its position for weeks. "The Rejection" music video aired on MTV/LOGO Network and in its second week went to #1 on the countdown. This success rallied significant press coverage for the duo in magazines, newspapers, and blogs. Highlights include: the cover of The Advocate’s annual music issue, Perez Hilton’s popular blog, and “Year End Ones to Watch” in the New York Daily News. “Give Me Danger,” their second single and digital EP debuted top ten on iTunes’ Electronic album chart.

Thursday, September 6th Bloomingdales Soho 2 sets, 7PM & 8PM

Mr. StrangeLove - Produced & Mixed by David Siskovic (RED - EP)

Homewrecker – Produced by Bloodshy & Avant, Mixed by Tony Maserati (RED - EP)

Fame Kills – Produced by Dangerous Muse, Mixed by David Siskovic (RED E-P)

I Want it All

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* New dates are shown in RED April 2014 (link)

November 2013 ()

Hitting the electronic-rock-dance-pop scene with a fresh - free to download - ep, NY's Dangerous Muse is taking us back to school with six tracks produced by David Siskovic (Justin Timberlake/Gwen Stefani/Cut Copy) and Bloodshy & Avant (Brittany Spears/Madonna/Miike Snow). Dangerous Muse is led by singer/songwriter Mike Furey and the deep production quality of the project and the inspired range of writing and performances have put them on the fast track to top spots on charts and playlists with a LOT of media and celeb attention. And they deserve it. Super fresh, head-turning tracks hit you one after the other, with incredible force and attention-grabbing talent.

In this world of auto-tune functions and digital enhancements, Dangerous Muse succeeds in doing what everybody else is merely attempting - kicking out super complex tracks that sound amazing and are individually stylistic. The music comes from a place of inspiration, not post-production. Technically their third EP, these guys are more about the download than the album, and their ability to keep putting out winner after winner is really amazing. You're only as hot as your last single these days, and Dangerous Muse is setting the pace for everyone else to follow. This is a band you need to be watching right now.

- RUST Magazine

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“Year end ones to watch.”
- New York Daily News

“The electro pop duo Dangerous Muse is part of a new generation of download-only artists making their names over broadband connections instead of radio waves.”
- Washington Post

“Dangerous Muse is mobilizing the digital download generation and setting iPods abuzz with their funky fusion of gritty goth grooves and blisteringly sexy pop drama.”
- Out Magazine

“Dangerous Muse lives up to their name.”
- St.Louis Telegraph Herald

It's hard to improve upon the perfection that is Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance," but NYC electro-dance-rock duo Dangerous Muse come pretty close. Dangerous Muse's slightly NSFW "Match In The Gas Tank Mix" of "Bad Romance" is like the nakeder, nastier stepbrother of the original. A dance track through and through, it's laced with electric licks, sped-up/ front-and-center Gaga vox and a male verse by DM’s Mike Furey thrown in -- "I want your plastic, your figurine..." Listen in the dark. + Listen to Dangerous Muse's "Bad Romance" remix, and watch their new video, "I Want It All."
- MTV Buzzworthy Blog

My pals of Dangerous Muse put a whole new spin on Lady GaGa's "Bad Romance," a track that just keeps on giving. On their throbbing "Match In The Gas Tank" remix, Tom and Mike re-packacked the upbeat pop-electro original with a dirtier, darker vibe that perfectly fits the hang-over that follows a bad romance. With a match stick about to light up the situation, the dancefloor tension captured on this remix is palpable.
- Arjan Writes

Dangerous Muse are back with a stellar single that takes away their one-hit-wonder status. “I Want It All” is a really robust dance song that can carry them from Logo to MTV. They’re so easy on the eyes.
- Loft 965

"You will love Dangerous Muse, whose songs are equal parts pretty yet dirty and all set to a beat you can dance to –- or fuck to."
- Perez Hilton

"Superstars like Madonna, Depeche Mode and Moby have been few and far between. Mike Furey and Tom Napack of Dangerous Muse could easily be another exception to the rule. Dangerous Muse have the songs, but they also have the style, looks, and unswerving dedication and most of all, the smarts to break through in a big, big way and stay there for a long, long time. I'm betting they can and will do it.
- Seymour Stein (Founder, Sire Records).

"These guys are so ready for the big time."
- Arjan Writes



August 24, 2010 (New York, NY) - DANGEROUS MUSE the electronic/rock duo featuring Mike Furey and Tom Napack announce the release of their remix for Adam Lambert’s new single “If I Had You.” Stream here: Out today on iTunes, Adam Lambert’s remix package also features remixes by Morgan Page & Jason Nevins. A multi-faceted duo, Dangerous Muse are becoming the go-to guys for their pulsing, gothic signature sound and occasional inside joke. “If you listen to the remix backwards,” Tom says, "I want it back - the eyeliner from the nightstand."

The request for the remix came from Sony after MTV Buzzworthy gushed over the Dangerous Muse remix of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.”MTV’s Buzzworthy Blog says “It's hard to improve upon the perfection that is Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance," but NYC electro-dance-rock duo Dangerous Muse come pretty close. Dangerous Muse's slightly NSFW "Match In The Gas Tank Mix" of "Bad Romance" is like the nakeder, nastier stepbrother of the original.” Suddenly an in demand remix team, Dangerous Muse have also been solicited by other artists and labels to create mixes for Kimberly Cole, Tegan & Sara, The Veronicas and Alanis Morissette.

Dangerous Muse formed when Mike Furey and Tom Napack met as students at Fordham University. Their first recording and single "The Rejection,"  entered at #2 on the iTunes Dance album charts. The music video aired on MTV's LOGO Network and in its second week went to #1 on the countdown. Dangerous Muse has appeared on the cover of The Advocate's annual music issue, Perez Hilton's popular blog, "Year End Ones to Watch" in the New York Daily News and have performed on LOGO’s  NewNowNext award show. Dangerous Muse has sold over 80,000 songs, hosted more than 2 million plays/visits to their MySpace profile.

Dangerous Muse have recently released their own remix collection and video for “I Want it All” the first single from their eagerly anticipated debut album, “Take Control,” which will be released this Fall 2010 release on Scarce Goods.

For more information: WWW.DANGEROUSMUSE.COM