Stephen Clair

Stephen Clair is a musician, songwriter, producer, presenter, and mentor known internationally for his evocative songwriting, genre-blind guitar style, and an indefinable and indefatigable spirit. Stephen first came to prominence when WFUV started putting some serious spins on his ode, “Jen In Her Underwear.”  He’s been called “a fearless performer” who’s not afraid to share a song that’s delicate and intimate with an audience and then launch into a wild full-on barroom rocker.  For Clair, it’s all a part of the same thing, we’re all seeking some kind of catharsis through music. It can be small and contemplative, or it can be roaring, joyous and rock and rolling. Clair celebrates the fact that we are all so similar. The way to shine a light on that, is to look at our idiosyncrasies. “We’re all so wonderfully weird when you think about it,” says Clair. “Ten albums in, and I’m writing songs about everything that moves me: snails, rocket science, outcasts, chickens, grandparents, love, and trouble.”