Pilgrim will be released on June 25th via Horton Records

No Offense, Nevermind, Sorry, the latest release from Tulsa-based Pilgrim, leaves no doubt that frontman and guitarist, 37-year-old Beau Roberson, is a gifted songwriter whose powerhouse vocals are a perfect match for his profound lyrics. It’s all here – redemption, betrayal, loss, and love. Each song a perfectly crafted musical short story waiting to unfold.

“You knew just what you were doing/breaking his heart by fooling around with mine,” Beau sings on “Out of Touch,” his vocals conveying hurt, longing and regret in a few, deceptively simple lines. “Pray for You” is a beautiful tribute to the powerful sense of purpose, awe and redemption that can accompany the birth of a child, while “Hallelujah Moment” is a heartfelt love song with a catchy refrain. More than a few of us will recognize ourselves in the bluesy, funky “Backslider.”

A competitive wrestler from the time he was young, Beau picked up his first guitar at 14. He discovered it at his Grandmother’s home in Pampa, Tex. after she passed away.

“I took it home, and that’s where it all started,” Beau recalls. “I never took lessons, I just kind of locked myself in the room and learned to play.”

Growing up, the Roberson house was full of music. Beau’s mom was a piano teacher who, according to Beau, was always singing around the house - everything from Aretha Franklin to Willie Nelson.

Never a fan of labeling, even as a kid, Beau’s musical influences ranged far and wide.

“The first two CDs I ever bought with my own money were two ‘Greatest Hits’ collections, Bob Dylan and War,” he notes.

Even now, you can hear those diverse influences in his writing. Like the best music, No Offense, Nevermind, Sorry is difficult to fit into the tight confines of any one genre. But make no mistake; this album is a superb collection of eloquent songs from a very promising talent whose music truly belongs on a national stage.

Recorded at Leon Russell’s former Paradise Studio at Grand Lake in Tia Juana, Okla., Roberson was joined by a remarkable lineup of talented Oklahoma musicians, which includes John Fullbright (keys), Jesse Aycock (steel), Paddy Ryan (drums), Aaron Boehler (bass) and Stephen Lee (guitar). The album was engineered by Jason Weinheimer and Zachariah Reeves of Fellowship Hall Sound, mixed by Jason Weinheimer, and mastered by Ryan Foster of Foster Mastering.