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Man Made Time

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Man Made Time combine the talents of LA natives Hillary Grace singer/ songwriter/ producer and Albert James Babanian (synth, songwriter, engineer- producer.) They are a synth pop duo with 80’s and 90’s rock influences like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Ace of Base as well as current day acts like Phantogram, La Roux, Ellie Goulding. Hillary and Albert both grew up in musical families and coincidentally kept running into each other as they had mutual friends. Realizing that they had very similar musical and life influences led to the idea of collaboration. After a few experimental jam sessions in the parking lot of a coffee shop the two decided to take their musical endeavor into the studio to see what would happen. And they liked what they heard. By June 2015, they had released their first EP, entitled Time Stands Still and had performed in popular LA venues including Hotel Café, House of Blues. Couture and Bardot.

Their current single Sail Away is about stepping away from societal pressures and becoming who you really are. The video for Sail Away focuses on a live performance piece of the song and also shows different projections in a dark loft in downtown LA. The duo will be releasing an EP in late Spring featuring "Sail Away”, "Crashing Down" and "Daila.” The theme of the EP is about how a person can experience a dark time in their life only to find that it leads them to an awakening and higher purpose.

In the Music Friday Blog, O’Heffernan states, "I am used to female/male duos and how they can use the different voice timbres and instrumentalities to weave complex songs, but Hillary Grace and Albert James Babanian took it to a new level. Their songs are all original and unique yet they have a commercial appeal.” Currently they have over 2000 Twitter followers, 855 Facebook likes, over 1000 views on YouTube and 57 subscribers as well as many online stations currently playing Man Made Time’s music including the Deuce Radio
 Show, which plays on different UK stations, six of them being FM.

The philosophy of Man Made Time comes from their own discovery of talking with one another about how they were happiest when they were fully in the moment. How their minds sometimes worked against them when they would focus on the past or be fearful of the future. Man Made Time is about connecting and staying true to who you are. Going through the challenges of life and becoming your best self. Letting go and freeing yourself of expectations of what other people want you to be, past experiences and future fears of the unknown. To sum, it’s all about living in the moment and finding peace within yourself, because all we really have is now. They convey just that in their lyrics and their music.

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