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Little Jackie

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Little Jackie is back with their 3rd studio album release! This tenacious Brooklyn based duo, consisting of the dynamic mega talented songwriter Imani Coppola and producer Adam Pallin, deliver a beautiful and uplifting album woven of strong grooves, poignant lyrics and classic melodies.

With a good deal of commercial success in the past and an independent release under their belt they are well equipped for yet another bold venture into the wilderness of the music industry, for these two it's like a walk in the park, Prospect Park.

The dynamic duo have had incredible luck in the song licensing world on prior albums. The latest off the new album Queen of Prospect Park to add to their long list of placements are "Move to the Beat", a modern anthem for the modern multitasking woman with too much on her plate, "You gotta move with the traffic and go with the flow, hop on one foot while you touch your nose, juggle ten things in your other hand, ahh suck it up and be a man" which was featured in the rom-com "I Don't Know How She Does It" starring Sarah Jessica Parker. Greys Anatomy was quick to pick up the playful and very groovy "Lose it" which demands your attention and commands you to stop everything and begin enjoying your life now, because basically it's your birth right. Coppola and Adam, although very busy with their own solo artistic pursuits have thankfully made time to grace the world with yet another delicious album full of color and texture, which is, to put it simply, sah-weet!

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Stargayzing October 2014 (link)