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Adam Sullivan and the Trees

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A Biography

It has been said that in New York, you're either at the top of the world or tumbling off the Brooklyn Bridge – continuously caught between the rising and the falling. It is this life lived in midair that informs the driving melancholy of Adam Sullivan and The Trees. With their debut album, the band floats effortlessly between unabashedly cheerful and starkly honest, with a confidence that evokes the journey that has brought them here.

In 2007, a young singer/songwriter moved to New York City to follow his dreams.  Unlike most aspiring musicians, Adam Sullivan did not want to be a star.  He simply wanted to be alone and unloved - making him perfectly suited to the city.  He self- produced a double EP before moving on to record his first full-length album, which he wrote about his mishaps in love and whiskey while in Ireland.  He toured extensively following the album’s release in 2009, driving by himself around the United States, Canada, Ireland, and the UK.  The stress of endless hours alone on the road – compounded by an excessive looping of the soundtrack from Rent – drove him crazy.  Following the end of the tour, he moved to Nashville to record his follow- up album.  It was here that the 9pm closing of restaurants drove him to true and utter madness.  Adam channeled these feelings of isolation and hunger into the recording, which one critic described as “not a bright and cheerful album.”  Following the album’s release in 2010, Adam returned to the road – playing hundreds of shows and festivals in 16 countries throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

In 2012, Adam found himself back home in NYC, with a newfound craving for halal food and companions.  Finding friends to be overrated, he began searching for a band.   Occasional collaborator Mason introduced Adam to Rob, who dragged along his friend Zack. Shows were performed, good times were had by all, and so it was decided: a band would be formed.  And they would call themselves The Trees.  And they would make an album different from any album that had ever come before (namely, because this album would be called Adam Sullivan and The Trees).

That album was created in summer of 2013, in a Brooklyn studio with no air conditioning - bringing a whole new meaning to blood, sweat, and tears. Produced by Mike Beck and mastered by Joe LaPorta, the self-titled album soars seamlessly between driving synth rock and indie folk, punctuated with brooding rhythms. From song to song, there is an ambitious ebb and flow to the varying styles and dynamics, each anchored together by a lyrical earnestness.

So now a new journey begins, with a new band, and a new album.  Where this journey will lead, no one knows.  But we have a good feeling that at the end, there will be whiskey and halal food for all.

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