About devious planet media

Devious Planet Media is a Brooklyn-based public relations agency that has been completely independent for 25 years. devious serves the entertainment, digital media, non-profit and consumer lifestyle sectors. Boiled down, we ascertain, establish, create, develop and share brand messages that are authentic to a clients needs. Founded in '93 by an independent soul ahead of her time, devries entertainment started life as an artist management fir. in '02 devries entertainment evolved into devious planet media, Our secret? We're small, fast and have a lot of energy.

About Pati deVries
Pati deVries, the founding member of devious planet media began her storied career several decades ago as a college DJ and concert promoter at WCWM – Williamsburg, VA. She's held positions in promotion at WNEW-FM New York, worked in the International department at Arista Records, did artist development at Chappell Music Publishing then sequewayed to Sony Tree where she served as a Director. In '93 she declared her independence and founded deVries entertainment, an international management company. In '02 the management company expanded its reach and opened devious planet media, a full service public relations and management consulting company.

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