Upcoming NYC shows
27 Aug 16 Ultan Conlon
Hi-Fi Bar 8:30pm
27 Aug 16 Linda Draper
Hi-Fi Bar 7:30pm
28 Aug 16 Ultan Conlon
Radigan's Round-Up 7:30pm
29 Aug 16 Ultan Conlon
Little Water Radio session 1:00pm
30 Aug 16 Ultan Conlon
Rockwood Music Hall 3 8:30pm
08 Sep 16 Freedy Johnston
Hi-Fi Bar 8:30pm
28 Sep 16 The Go Set
Arlene's Grocery
18 Nov 16 Linda Draper
American Folk Art Museum 6:00pm

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Linda Draper - "Modern Day Decay"

The Looking - "Lead Me To The Water"

Heather Nova - "Girl On The Mountain"

Man Made Time - "Sail Away"

Heather Eatman - "Angels In The Street"

Dina Regine - "Wildest Days"

Tom Shaner - "True Love is Hard Work" featuring Emmy Bean

Jane Telephonda - "Transmuted Saltness" premiere

Alice Peacock - Recent live performance

Benjamin Cartel -

Michelle Malone - "When I Grow Up"

Adam Sullivan & The Trees - "Your Light Shine"

Michelle Malone - "Stronger Than You Think" teaser

Benjamin Cartel - "No One"

James Panthyr - "Desirable"

Concetta Abbate - "Burst"