Devious Planet

Premieres & Exclusives

08.02.21 Abby Posner Emergency Use Only
07.28.21 Ericson Holt Walkin' in Our Sleep
07.23.21 Benjamin Cartel Summer Flame
07.22.21 Emily Frembgen Flower/Weed
07.21.21 Lauren Anderson Love on the Rocks
07.20.21 Lea McIntosh Fantasy Women
07.19.21 Kris Gruen Water Into Wine

New Videos

Brown-eyed Handsome Man The 40 Acre Mule
Time To Move On The HawtThorns
Another Goodbye Emily Duff
The Playtime is Over Roger Chapman
I'm A Sinner Bette Smith
Done & Done Emily Duff
Taconic Sam Barron
Darkness in the Bar Pilgrim
99 Degrees Ericson Holt
Walkin' On Bourbon St Ericson Holt