Devious Planet

Premieres & Exclusives

Jun 10, 2020 Jerry Castle Pick Up Your Guitar
May 14, 2020 The Bacon Brothers The Way We Love
May 05, 2020 Aloud Salvage Yard
May 04, 2020 The HawtThorns Memphis Rain
Apr 24, 2020 Pi Jacobs No Sin To Be Poor
Apr 07, 2020 Jerry Castle "Tequila & Tears" Lyric Video
Apr 06, 2020 Webb Wilder Hit The Nail on the Head

New Videos

Memphis Rain The HawtThorns
No Sin To Be Poor Pi Jacobs
Gone To Stay The Proven Ones
Don't Let The World Get You Down Mike Zito
Tequila & Tears Jerry Castle
High Risk, Low Reward Ryan Perry
"Unstoppable Hipster" official video Tom Shaner
"The Streets of Galway" Tom Shaner
"She's in the Air" Tom Shaner
"Marlboro Man" solo live (with improved, louder audio) Michelle Malone